We are strongly convinced that communication is a basis of the successful cooperation between the seller and the ultimate buyer. Today Project Support team stands ready to offer qualitative support to your clients providing online chat or telephone consultations.

Live Chat

Entering your website, a visitor is not always ready to clear up its operating principle. It is more convenient to resort to the help of an expert consultant who provides you with maximum necessary information about a product or a service that you sell. You must care of it taking into account your site’s target audience and time zone. We recommend using round-the-clock support, which makes it easier for a client to make decision concerning cooperation with your service.

Help can be first-line and background on your web site. A visitor may want to get a first-line help, an urgent reply to any important question here and then. Online chat (usually pop-up window) or a call to customer support service are the most frequent tools to solve this problem.

Background help is provided with the request to site admin’s e-mail or contact form available in “Contacts” or “Help”. Anyway, website visitor expects a certain speed of request processing. Therefore, it is essential to engage consultants and financial experts in this process. Visitor’s question cannot always go beyond your company or project. If your service implies using specific electronic payments processors, your potential customer may become interested in registration, currency exchange, terms of use or sending these types of currency. A visitor may need your website specifications (how reliable the external threats support is, how much his personal data is protected), probable taxation or plans for the future. The decision about beginning or continuation of cooperation with you depends on whether the reply is full and competent. Experienced in consulting our customers, Project Support team provides you with the best service because we have answers to any questions.

Telephone Support

Sometimes it is not enough for a potential customer to get written information – voice has more credibility, live contact increases conversion of web site’s visitors and it is often a decisive criterion to start cooperation. Project Support team manages 24-hour phone support of our customers. We are ready to take charge of all the issues connected with phone number registration of any country of interest, setting up of call forwarding or telephone answering device. Besides it, our experienced consultants will provide our customers with support at the highest level. Now we provide voice support in Russian and international (English) language.